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Copyright and cautions


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Website content (c) 2022, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, New Britain, unless otherwise noted. Photos by Fr. Shaw Mudge are copyrighted and used with permission.

Cautions: when traveling about the Internet, be aware that as much as St. Mark's Web site does its best to be user friendly and family friendly, sometimes things do not go as planned. Especially note that St. Mark's does not have control over the content of other Web sites to which it may be linked, so tread carefully in case you inadvertently end up at a place that may not always be morally helpful.

Interent content is continually changing, and even information on the St. Mark's Web site might be out of date at the time of publication.

You never know what you might pick up when you land at a Web site.

Guard your soul as you travel the Internet. Travel at your own risk.


"Open to God's love, serving our neighbor"