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About Episcopalians


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Pronouncing "Episcopal": Eee-PIHz-koh-pahl.

"Episcopal" is an English word that derives from the New Testament Greek word "episkopos", translated as "bishop" (see Philippians 1:1, for example). Therefore, you would be correct if you then drew the conclusion that bishops might play a key part in the Episcopal Church.


And a line of bishops can be substantiated for the most part, back from the current bishops in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut, to 1784 in this country, to 597 in England, and all the way back to the time of the New Testament, bishops serving as a connection between St. Mark's Episcopal Church in New Britain and Jesus Christ. 


"Episcopal" is an adjective: "The Episcopal Church." "The Episcopal Prayer Book." "The Episcopal liturgy." "Saint Mark's Episcopal Church." "Episcopal priest."


"Episcopalian" is noun, more specifically, a person who is a member of the Episcopal Church: "I became an Episcopalian last Thursday." "Episcopalians are great people." "My grandparents were Episcopalians."

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Episcopalians are sometimes known as Anglicans (a term originally associated with the Church of England). In the late 1800's, Anglican churches from different nations around the world formed the Anglican Communion. For what the Anglican Communion believes, click: Here.


"Open to God's love, serving our neighbor"