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This tab contains information about Zoom as part of the life and ministry of St. Mark's.

For best results, test your connection well ahead of a parish service or meeting. If you think you might need assistance entering a parish Zoom service or a parish Zoom meeting, please contact the parish Office Manager during office hours:



Videos which may be very helpful to get started:

For, "How to Sign up and Download Zoom," click: Here.

For, "How to Join a Zoom Meeting", click: Here.


To download Zoom, click: Here.


To become more proficient in Zoom, please consult the Zoom Training Video series, click: Here.

This series has been made available during Coronavirus-19, and you may find something there which could be helpful, especially if you would like to set up your own Zoom meetings. 

Links on this Web page were current as of 4 April 2020, at 4:31 Eastern Time.


A caution: like driving a car on a highway, browsing the Internet can be useful yet is not always safe. Please be careful as you are able to be careful. Make wise decisions as to where you choose to go, and prayerfully guard your mind, spirit, and soul while you browse. Like defensive driving, learn defensive browsing.