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The Reverend Dr. Shaw Mudge


St Marks shield



The Rev. Dr. Shaw Mudge serves as the Priest at St. Mark’s. 

A commonly asked question for him: "How might we address you?"

His answer: "In any of the following ways - Fr. Shaw, Fr. Mudge, Pastor Mudge, Dr. Mudge, and sometimes people will call me Rev. Mudge, depending on the terms used in their background. These days, some people are used to addressing clergy by the clergy's first name. Mine happens to sound like a last name.




Fr. Shaw was born and raised in Greenwich. He comes to ordained ministry as a second career. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA, he worked at Shaw Mudge & Company and related companies. Shaw Mudge & Company manufactured fragrance compositions for household and personal care products, and he served in many capacities, such as Corporate Officer, with a specialization in Human Resources, as well as wearing many other hats, and as he says, learning something and walking with God, daily.

Along the way he served on the Vestry of St. Timothy’s in Fairfield and as a member of the Connecticut Employment and Training Commission.

His official path to ordained ministry began with a conversation with Julie, his wife, a call to ministry which was confirmed by the Episcopal Church in Connecticut which ordained him a transitional deacon, and then a priest. 



“Julie and I both had a strong sense in God’s call on our lives, a call that continues to this day. My unique background in business, quite a few years in parish ministry in two dioceses - including Connecticut, and missionary experience in South America, East Africa, and Belize in the Caribbean that has been helpful to congregations, bishops, people in ordination processes, senior wardens in parishes between rectors, and many others with whom I have been privileged to serve."

Reflecting on his ministry, Fr. Shaw noted: “I am a creative, consensus building person. There is always something new to learn in wisdom following the leading of God's Holy Spirit, walking alongside folks on this journey of faith in the midst of life.” 

“When I have the opportunity, I attend to family matters and try pursue interests in the visual arts and other hobbies."

"Julie, my beloved, is my best friend. She is now Rev. Julie, a certified Episcopal hospital chaplain at Prospect Eastern Connecticut Health Network in Manchester and Rockville. And our grown daughters are awesome, each in her own way.”

Prior to St. Mark’s, Fr. Shaw most recently served at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in South Windsor during their time of need and during his final months as a missionary with Belize. He liked St. Peter's, he liked the Anglican Church in Belize, and he likes St. Mark's.

What's ahead for St. Mark's? "God has been leading the people who are St. Mark's with this combination of clergy and particularly creative and brilliant laity. The combination seems to be bearing fruit as a potential model that might be helpful for other parishes in these challenging times, in love, in God's way, in God's time, and to the glory of God."


"Open to God's love, serving our neighbor"