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Was Blind ... But Now I See ... Acts 9:1-19

The Reverend Kathleen Hawkins Berkowe

Third Sunday of Easter, April 10, 2016


Was Blind, But Now I See...

… Suddenly the scales fell from his eyes and he could see again…

 St. Paul is the subject of some of my favorite and most challenging Scripture stories.  He started out persecuting people who followed Jesus, saw the light .. Heard Jesus calling him, and then did a total turn around.  He preached and founded communities and pastored them.. He wrote the  letters in our Scripture to the Corinthians, the Romans, that encouraged them and truly bring out our faith. Yet he was the one who wrote  “women should be silent and cover their heads in church” and it was two thousand years before Christian churches ordained women.  Some still haven’t recovered.  

 Part of what attracts me about St. Paul is just this mix of humanity and grace. And what also attracts me is his unwavering faith in God, even as God leads him to a journey he could never have imagined.

Saul’s story, in today's reading from the book of Acts, is a story of his coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  I have used the title “I was Blind but now I See” for this sermon (though the exact wording does not appear in this story) because it summarizes what happened here.  It is a story of Paul’s being given new sight- a faith-sight- the belief in Jesus –it is a story if his coming to faith in Jesus Christ.  For Paul this was the beginning a a faith journey- not the end.  And it can be a source of strength and guidance for us in our faith journeys too.

To read entire sermon, please click here: Sermon_3_Easter_yr_C_April_10_2016_Was_BLind_but_now_I_see_Acts_9_1-19.doc