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23 Pentecost - October 31, 2021



Here is the bulletin for our Zoom service this Sunday, October 31.

From Fr. Shaw:


Dear friends,

This coming Sunday is a worship leader Sunday (and I will be in Manchester), and I have conferred with Barbara, and furthermore, since there is to a nominating committee meeting online this Sunday, right after the service, I think it prudent be online for the 10 am service (Zoom).

Technically, New Britain went into the orange zone this week.

If all goes well and continues below the red zone, we could begin Holy Eucharists and Antecommunion in-person starting next week (Sunday November 7th). Stay tuned for next Thursday's numbers for the latest update as to whether this might be so.

While it looks on a macroscale that the trend may be a positive one across the country, please note that several towns which are in the central part of the Connecticut went from yellow to orange this week. 

Farmington remains yellow.

Plainville went deeper in the red this week. 

I don't happen to remember what Berlin was last week (it was in the red, yet this week it is relatively high in the red when compared with Plainville. Whether this week is higher than last week in the red zone for Berlin, I don't remember).

In any event, the "two out of three rule continues to apply" as per today's diocesan update, regardless of town color. Since our services are inside: this means wear masks and keep social distance, and I recommended vaccines/boosters.

A prayer:


Heavenly Father, we ask that your Holy Spirit would guide our deliberations on these COVID matters, in wisdom, unity, and peace, that all would be done in your way, in your time, and to your glory. In Jesus' Name, we pray. Amen.


To see the state map, please click the link below.


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