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Formation Resources


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For Christian formation resources associated with The Episcopal Church in Connecticut, click: Here or here.

For The Episcopal Church in Connecticut's Annual Spring Training Day information, click: Here.


For The Episcopal Church's online lectionary-based lesson plans for all ages, click: Here.


The Anglican Communion Web site has an Intentional Discipleship section under its Missions tab, with many resources, some for purchase, some for free, for a variety of contexts, in a variety of media, for a variety of ages, found: Here.

The Anglican Communion Web site also has an extensive "theology" section under its Theology tab (involving theological education, liturgy, and doctrine), found: Here.

The Anglican Communion Resources section might be helpful on a variety of levels (though some of the links no longer work), found: Here.

One interesting subsection is the worship and preaching option with links to the lectionary, and corresponding visual art and prayer associated with each day listed.



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