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Episcopal Bible study

Dwelling in the Word is a method of reading scripture that is advocated and practiced by The Episcopal Church in Connecticut and used just before Vestry meetings at St. Mark's. For one example of the method with video example, click: Here. (the Episcopal Diocese of Newark Web site)  Supplement this method with a Bible reading plan of your choosing, perhaps a daily or weekly lectionary passage. For Dwelling in the Word, as described elsewhere in this Web site, click: Here. (For every group in a parish.)

For Bible Gateway NRSV translation of the Bible (enter your own passage of choice, for example: "Acts 1", or "Luke 12:1-20", or "John 1:1-18", or "1 Maccabees 1:1", or "Genesis 1", or "Psalm 23"); Includes Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books, click: Here.

A daily scripture reading and prayer plan that people at St. Mark's like is Forward's Day by Day, available online, Here. One aspect of the online version that may be interesting is: in addition to praying for a particular diocese on a particular day, the online version provides a link to that diocese's Web site, as available. There are also options on the same Web page for praying the different offices.


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