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Episcopal Church

Anglican Bible study

The Episcopal Church is part of the world-wide Anglican Church.

The King James Bible (not the "Saint" James Bible) was a creation of the Church of England, at the hub of the Anglican Church. This translation was named for King James I of England, an Anglican in the 17th century.

An Anglican equivalent of a study bible is The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). A very good summary of certain literary styles in the Bible can be found, such as in the articles at the end: "Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry" and "Literary Forms in the Gospels".

A section by section commentary set on New Testament books of the Bible that has been especially helpful for Anglicans has been the "For Everyone" series by the Rt. Rev. N.T. Wright, i.e. Luke for Everyone, Mark for Everyone, etc. These and other similar items are available from publishers such as the SPCK Publishing in the United Kingdom (UK), which provides materials used by missionaries. The SPCK Web site can be found, Here.

For "Authority, Sources of (in Anglicanism)", click: Here.

For "The Bible in the Life of the Church," section of the Anglican Communion Web site, click: Here.


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