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Joining Jesus Connections

1) For an introductory video on a concept behind "Joining Jesus", entitled "This is Discipling - This is Church", click: Here.


2) For access to the Joining Jesus Facebook Group page, click: Here. (Use your Facebook email address and password.). Then, ask to join the group. It is a "closed" group, so your request, any comments, and any uploads would be screened by the administrators. Participants are urged to contribute.


3) Joining Jesus video links for Module 1:

1.1, Bethany Ringdal, Insights for the New Reformation. (Please click on the link.)

1.2, The Story of Being With The Laundromat. (Please click on the link.)

1.3, Have we forgotten how to make friends? (Please click on the link.)


4) Joining Jesus video link for Module 2:

2.1, Celeste Headlee, 10 ways to have a better conversation. (Please click on the link.)



"Open to God's love, serving our neighbor"