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FAQs about funerals


St Marks shield


Question 1) Does the Episcopal Church allow cremations?

Response: Yes. If there are cremains, then a memorial service would be the focus.

Question 2) Is a burial service a sacramental rite?

Response: Though it may be part of a sacramental way of life, a burial service is a pastoral office, not an Episcopal sacramental rite, by itself. It can be combined with the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist.

Question 3) What are my location options for a service involving St Mark's?

Response: There are two places where a service might take place at St. Mark's. If the attendance is likely to be less than 80 people, it would be in the Chapel. If you anticipate more than 80 people, it would be held in the Sanctuary.

Question 4) What fees would be associated with St. Mark's and the burial service?

Response: Because St. Mark's is one of the several parishes sharing 90 Main Street, the St. Mark's parish office would be able to provide you with an overview and whom to contact, about which items.


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