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Dwelling in the Word is way to explore the Scriptures.


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Dwelling in the Word is a method of reading scripture that is advocated and practiced by The Episcopal Church in Connecticut and used just before Vestry meetings at St. Mark's. For one example of the method with video example, click: Here. (the Episcopal Diocese of Newark Web site)  Supplement this method with a Bible reading plan of your choosing, perhaps a daily or weekly lectionary passage.

The method is simple and is ideal for groups, such as a Vestry meeting, a gathering at Church, or for a family. The diocesan office does Dwelling in the Word frequently.

Before you begin, pick a passage from the Scriptures. It could be the Sunday Gospel reading for an upcoming Sunday, or devotional reading that you are going through, or whatever the group has decided. Some people are visual learners, so it is advisable to have printed copies of the passage or bibles, one for each person. For access to Episcopal lectionary readings, click: Here.

1) Consider beginning with a suitable prayer.

2) Then, someone read the selected passage aloud. While the person is reading, everyone consider quietly to themselves: What grabs your attention in the passage?

3) Then, someone else read the same passage aloud as a second run through. While that person is reading, everyone consider quietly to themselves: What inspires you in the passage?

4) After the second reading, the group considers the first question and everyone is given an opportunity to share what grabbed their attention.

5) And then, when everyone has an opportunity to share their reflections on the first question, then everyone is given an opportuhnity to share their thoughts about what inspired them in the passage.

6) When discussion is finished, consider ending this part of your time together with a suitable prayer.


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